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Dr. Cohen is AMAZING! I've had lower back issues and sciatica for almost two years. I've been to other Chiropractors, Physical therapists, acupuncture, everything. Nothing helped. After just a couple weeks, I'm feeling back and neck relief and getting feeling back in my leg. The decompression and laser therapy is great and Dr. Cohen explains everything in detail. He goes above and beyond to help and heal. I'm beyond excited that I found him!”

Amber G.

“Dr. Cohen is Great!! I recently retired after 24 yrs in the Navy, I was diagnosed with a Herniated disc and the VA offered back surgery or pain meds with steroid shots to manage the pain. I was in chronic pain daily with lower back pain and nerve pain (sciatic) down both legs! My wife has had lower back pain for 20 yrs. We both saw Dr. Cohen and he provided a treatment plan suited for each of us. After the third visit, my Sciatic pain was completely gone. My wife no longer needs a pillow for support when she sits.. we have only had 5 sessions and look forward to completing the initial treatment. The adjustments he makes are completely different from anything else I have tried and the Back decompression is doing wonders. Give him a try!!!”

Henry C.

Dr Cohen's chiropractic services have been of great benefit in getting my disc and back on the road to a much more enjoyable daily life. I appreciate the results of the treatments, adjustments and the decompression of my lower back. Highly recommend their services if you are looking to improve your back issues.”

George W.

Dr. Cohen and his staff are very friendly. I appreciate his comprehensive approach to back pain. Disc decompression was the icing on the cake to restore my flexibility and get me back to an active lifestyle.”

Cherie McGregor

Dr Cohen is the best. After my decompression sessions my lower back has felt so much better. The scheduling is extremely flexible and the pricing was very affordable. He helped me understand how the spine, nerves and muscles all work together, and helped me set up an exercise routine that could be done at home. I would recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone that has back issues. I would rate them 10 stars if available.”

Raymond Strahan

Where do I begin... back in October I had been dealing with a pinched nerve on a constant basis, originating in the neck region and traveling all the way down to my hand. After multiple appointments and tests with my doctors I decided to research treatments that did not involve steroids or any meds. I was lucky to find Dr. Cohen, not only is he a nice man but he is so thorough and attentive; my first visit he took a complete set of cervical/spinal x-rays. He loves what he does and that definitely comes through when you are being treated. His front office Nicole is also very professional and so helpful. I have been seeing Dr. Cohen since late November for spinal decompression therapy, cold laser and adjustments and I'm happy to say I have no nerve pain at all. I started feeling relief around the 2nd treatment and I have been feeling better and better with my ongoing treatments. I am so thankful to have found him, I went from sleeping maybe 4 hours a night due to the nerve pain to sleeping my full 7-8 hours. I would recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone looking for spinal decompression, laser or Chiropractic.”

Kristie F

As a Volunteer first responder in Riverside county, I had a severe back and Sciatica Injury that severely limited my ability to move and do my job. After trying COUNTLESS other Doctors and several other alternative techniques, I found Dr.Cohen, who was extremely patient with my injury. I was ready to give up, but he didn't give up on me, and with extreme care and encouragement he worked diligently to heal my injury. I am much better today, and am finally mobile again. I would recommend Him and his staff to everyone with back, disc, or sciatica related injuries”

Payman Sedighian

Saw the ad on Instagram and decided to give it a try. So glad I did, pain is getting less also my family would make jokes about me shrinking. Come to find out my back and neck were really jacked up. After coming here I'm not shrinking and have actually gotten about 1/2 back in my height. This place is great extremely friendly and helpful.”

Tracey M.

Don't go elsewhere. Temecula Disc Center is the best. They are accommodating, exceptionally nice, and worth at least 100 Stars. Dr. Cohen is amazing. He explains what is going on with your body so you can easily understand. We forget that as we get older we really need our spines checked, as well as our necks. So many of us are out of alignment from years of carrying children, lifting, bending, or sports, causing us a host of ills. My husband and I are exceptionally happy, thanks to Dr. Cohen. We feel better which makes life better all around. And Nicole is such a dear. Again, don't go anywhere else, because this place is absolutely fantastic. Why not live life comfortably? Now go!”

Diane R.

Dr. Luke Cohen and his staff are very caring and professional. After weeks of lower back issues I inquired after seeing their ad on Facebook. Nicole got me in within a week and after a month of treatments I am 100% better. Dr. Cohen carefully goes over procedures and treatments and makes you feel right at home. Natural and effective.”

Judith Ewert

I cannot give enough gratitude to Dr. Cohen. I've been to two different chiropractors, dumped a bunch of money on them, and was even urged to get surgery by two neurologists. I met Dr. Cohen and told him my story: I sat on my injury for 3 years trying to find help and this was the last place I would try before considering surgery. I’m so glad I didn’t. First day was xrays and an adjustment and right away he pinpointed the issue, made his adjustment and I had instant relief! Then the next appointment, he thoroughly went over my xrays and we found a lot of other things going on. I’m about 1 month into this and I’m already 95% better. I can stand up straight finally!!! he will educate you, and give a thorough review and set you up for home care. I never had a doctor this personal and I’m just so thankful I met him. I won’t give you any other name but Dr. Cohen. The best! He also has all the latest technology and equipment. His technique is amazing. Thank you so much!!!”

Michael Anderson

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Call us to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if you are a candidate for Spinal Decompression and our multi-step Protocol. The doctor will ask you a series of questions such as “Where is the pain, when did it begin, what makes it better or worse?” Then a thorough examination will be performed in which case the doctor will check your reflexes, blood pressure, balance, gait, skin sensory changes muscle strength and more to determine the cause of your back or neck pain. At this point the doctor may recommend x-rays or an MRI if he feels like further imaging will be necessary to determine the exact cause. After combining all of this information together the doctor will determine if you will make a good candidate for spinal decompression therapy and our multi-step Protocol. If you do qualify for care, your Doctor will explain their recommended plan of action for you. If for some reason you do not qualify for care the doctor will refer you to someone who may better suit your needs.

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